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Watch Shirley and Michael on Sundays at 4:00 and 4:30 PM (PST) and get your landscape makeover fix with back to back episodes of the dynamic designing duo on the Discovery Home Channel!
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8/25/08: HGTV's "25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes"
Monday, 8/25/08: Watch Shirley Bovshow on HGTV's "25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes" at 4 PM (ET/PST)

Are you guilty of committing crimes against your landscape? Find out what not to do before you dig into the dirt and your pocketbook!  Watch landscape designer Shirley Bovshow weigh in along with a group of nationally recognized gardening and design experts on HGTV's "25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes."

From excessive garden ornaments, to "irrational irrigation" decisions to underestimating the cost of your future landscape, there will be issues that we can all relate to!
6/1/08 on The Garden Police: "Do It for the Kids"
front.jpgThe Garden Police was appalled at the condition of Chris and Amy Workman's front yard, especially when we found out this was the neighborhood hangout! The lawn was crispy, fried, dead! Toys were everywhere! Shirley and Michael found toothbrushes, shoes, forks and the worst offense, fake plants they were trying to pass off as real.
Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, 3/19-6/1
epcotEpcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Orlando Florida, March 19 through June 1 2008:  Flower and garden shows are in full swing across the country as garden lovers and plant enthusiasts flock to shows to load up on ideas and inspiration. I invite you to consider attending the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando Florida anytime between March 19 and June 1 2008 where ... Read More
6/1/08 on The Garden Police: "Grass Is Not Enough"
front.jpgHomeowners CJ and Lori Lepage were busted by the Garden Police for having a "sad ugly yard" with its dead lawn, dead potted plants, and the worse violation of all, empty garden beds that the neighborhood cats used as a toilet! The excuse? "We tried to plant and landscape but everything died."

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