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HGTV: Green Thumb's Paradise
Great view of the neighbor’s RV! )
Ericka Smith is a new homeowner and her parents, Jackie and Tom Pratt, couldn't be more proud. While living in an apartment, Smith filled her home with store-bought cut flowers, but now she wants to have a flower garden, as well as a place to relax among the beautiful blooms. Garden designer Shirley Bovshow has a created a plan that host Susie Coelho and the Outer Spaces crew will use to transform Smith's boring backyard into a colorful new oasis!
Shown on: Outer Spaces HSPA-204 
HGTV: Family-Oriented Garden
familyoriented.jpg Martine Henry's family loves to spend time in their backyard. Unfortunately, it lacks a coherent sense of style and flow. Host Susie Coelho has called on the creative work of garden designer Shirley Bovshow and the Outer Spaces team to bring in whimsical elements and make the Henry backyard a special place for everyone in the family.
Shown on: Outer Spaces HSPA-107
HGTV: Prairie-Themed Backyard
(Before: Just some sad groundcover) 
 Stacey Muoio is a mother of two, equestrian lover and hard-working nurse who spends most of her time serving others. Her husband, Gene, would like to treat her to a yard that will bring the open range to their home so host Susie Coelho, the Outer Spaces team and designer Shirley Bovshow work together to create a relaxing country retreat for the entire Muoio family.
Shown on: Outer Spaces HSPA-210
HGTV: Country French Backyard
countryfrench.jpgAndrew Tarr loves to entertain but his backyard is dull and plain, so his friends decide to surprise him with a backyard makeover, thanks to host Susie Coelho and her Outer Spaces team. Designer Shirley Bovshow helps to create a French-inspired yard that includes instant topiaries, a "living" coffee table plus lots and lots of lattice.
Shown on: Outer Spaces HSPA-404
Shirley on USA Network
Shirley and. hosts Christine Blackburn and Dan Sachoff get caught in the rain in Venice, California.
(Shirley and. hosts Christine Blackburn
and Dan Sachoff get caught in the
rain in Venice, California.)
Shirley has appeared on a number of episodes on the USA Network's "Ready for the Weekend Movie" with hosts Dan Sachoff and Christine Blackburn
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